Adding Images to Cards

Uploading Files

You can drag and drop your own images and files onto spaces or cards. You can also use the file picker with images → upload (Handy on mobile).

Uploads use the server, so you'll need to be signed in to use them.

To keep costs sustainable, free users can upload files up to 5mb, upgraded users have no limits

Paste in an image URL

In desktop browsers you can get the URL of an image by right clicking and selecting Copy Image Address. On mobile, you can usually get an image URL by long pressing it and selecting the copy URL command.


Kinopio requires image URLs to specify image file extensions like jpeg, jpg, png, and gif format images are supported.

Some websites obscure their image URLs to not include the file extension These will only display as links in cards.

To view the image fullsize, click the button next to the connector


(psst, animated gifs work great)