Changing Space Background Image and Color

Personalize your spaces and set the mood

You can edit the background for your current space by clicking the icon next to your space name.

Backgrounds are just urls, much like images in cards, so feel free to copy in image urls from elsewhere on the web too

Set a Tint Color

Highlight backgrounds with tint colors, personalize the default wallpaper or dye any background image

Set Defaults

Prefer grids over squiggles? Or a different background color? You can change your default background for new spaces by

  1. Set up a space background image and tint color that you'd like to use
  2. Make it the default for new spaces in User → Settings → Colors and Themes

p.s. You can make your background black by setting the tint color to #000

p.s.s. You can find even more example backgrounds to try out in this background test space