How Much Does Kinopio Cost? (Pricing)

All features of Kinopio are free to use and collaborate with, up to a limit of 100 cards and an upload file size limit of 5mb.

Kinopio costs $6/month or $60/year (USD) for unlimited cards and uploads

(The price in the iOS app is a bit higher to accomodate Apple's fees. For this reason, I recommend upgrading through the website)

I want the pricing to feel simple, straightforward, and obvious.

📈 Cards you add will increment the card count

📉 Cards you remove will decrement the card count

👯‍♀️ For easier collaboration, if you're editing a space that was created by an upgraded user, your card count won't increase. You can check whether your card limit will change by clicking your user icon while in a space.

Why a Subscription?

To build and maintain a service with ongoing costs that increase over time (servers etc), subscription pricing is the only economically sustainable business model to ensure that Kinopio is supported for the long-term.

Discount for Students and Those With Financial Need

I want everyone to be able to use Kinopio. If you're a student, or you can't afford the subscription because of where you live, or any other personal circumstances, please email me for a 50% discount.