Inviting Collaborators to a Space

Invite Collaborators to give them edit access to the contents of your space. Inviting is especially useful for working together on Private spaces, but you can do it with any privacy setting.

You should think of collaborators as people you fully trust because they'll be able to edit and remove almost everything in a space.

If collaborating with people you don't know or fully trust, consider changing your space privacy to Open and sharing the normal URL instead. That way others will only be able to add and edit the cards that they've created.

Invite Collaborator

Send someone a collaborator invite by copying the URL found in Spaces → Invite Collaborators


Collaborators can

  • Create, move, remove and edit all cards and connections
  • Invite other collaborators
  • Remove other collaborators

But collaborators cannot

  • Remove the space
  • Rename the space
  • Remove the creator of the space from it