Spatial Thinking for New Ideas and Hard Problems

Get your thoughts out and visually connect them together. Kinopio works the way your mind works.

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Mind Mapping
Mood Boards
Note Taking
andLots More

Express, organize, and make sense of your thoughts and feelings by capturing and visually connecting related ideas together.

Gather notes, and connect them to their source URLs. Drag in files, like PDFs, to keep everything together. Categorize and label similar concepts with [[tags]].

Spatially organized information that’s easy to retrieve helps you get over anxiety and procrastination.

Run engaging meetings and retrospectives that lead to clarity and actionable next steps.

Kinopio makes thinking transparent, collaborative, and sharable – which leads to better decisions and better products.

Collect visual inspiration to evoke a vibe and a direction for your next big project.

You can also import Channels

Create daily journal spaces to reflect on your life and moments.

Personalize your journal to fit your goals with custom prompts and themed prompt packs which present something new each time.

Making beautiful notes isn’t just fun – taking notes by mapping and grouping related concepts spatially makes knowledge inherently more meaningful and memorable.

Organizing information non-linearly, like our brains do, reduces the amount of effort needed learn and remember knowledge.

Explore more templates and cool spaces created by the community.

Including, spaces for project planning, database modelling, to-dos, outlining, roadmaps, grocery lists, and more…

Basically, for figuring stuff out – by yourself or collaboratively.

Create Lively Freeform Spaces

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About the Creator

Hi, my name is Pirijan and I'm the creator of Kinopio. Previously, I was the co-creator of I write about building software at

I believe in building ethical, economically-sustainable, organic software that's designed by artists, built by craftspeople, and funded by the people who enjoy it.

Some of my spaces:

I hope you enjoy using Kinopio and find it useful,