Privacy Policy

Friends don't spy on friends.

  • Kinopio won’t show you ads of any kind, or sell your data.
  • Children, and anyone else, will be able to use Kinopio anonymously. Without an account, none of your data will be transmitted to Kinopio servers. (πŸ‘€ How Your Data is Stored)
  • To enable you to share spaces and collaborate, you will need to create an account. Your user data and spaces will then be hosted on AWS (via Heroku).
  • User uploads and server logs for debugging are stored in Linode Object Storage. Server logs do not contain personal information, and are deleted after 3 days.
  • To enable billing for paid plans, only the user information needed to process payments will be shared with Stripe.
  • No cookies are used at all. LocalStorage is used to save your info. Unlike cookies, other websites cannot access your Kinopio localStorage data.
  • The only analytics used are server-side Netlify Analytics. Netlify does not allow me to uniquely identify anyone.
  • Through the Removed dialog, you can permanently delete cards or spaces. When you do, all uploads associated with those cards are also deleted.
  • You can permanently delete all of your user data at anytime.

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